Trip to Sydney spring 2016 (part 2)

Hello again! This post is the second part of my trip to Sydney in April 2016. Click here if you haven't read the first part of my trip. (Although there isn't much to read).

Day 6

The next day, we went to Katoomba to see the Three Sisters. It was breezy that evening but luckily, I've worn a few more layers. :-)
After about an hour drive, we reached the Echo Point Information Centre.

You'll see this cool rock once you reached there.

This view reminds me of Grand Canyon, except that this place was full of trees. 

I love the smell of nature.

My phone is full of these photos with different angles.

Walking forward to see the Three Sisters.

This is the view from the Echo Point.

I felt like I was in heaven.

Too bad that there were an awful lot of visitors that day.

The Three Sisters!

We decided to walk down for a better view.

Now that's a view...

We were up there. LOL. 

It was already evening by the time we got there, so we got to see the sunset. 

It was so hard to take a picture of myself with the view excluding tourists. :-(

Ooh... Fluffy clouds...

It's just me staring off into space.

Someone used a drone to capture the view.

The only good picture of me with the Three Sisters.

We went back to our hotel after shopping at Woolworths.

Day 7

We drove to the city to visit Wildlife Zoo which is next to the Darling Harbor. Here are bunch of photos from that day~
I think this is the Anzac Bridge.

View from the bridge.

We parked our car at a nearby parking lot, then walked to Darling Harbour.

More views of the street.

Walked down to Pyrmont Bridge to get to the zoo. 

There it is!

I've been wearing the same coat throughout this trip.

Wildlife Zoo guide.

I bought the child ticket. :-)

It's a wax figure of Nicole Kidman.

Trolls being trolls. 

There were a bunch of picture of snakes but I don't like snakes so here are photos of Koalas.

They look so fluffy omg.

Look, it's a cassowary. 

Wallabies are adorable.


This is the only good selfie with joey.

Gigantic alligator. 

This spider was huge and scary. I don't remember the name of this species. 

The sky looked amazing that evening. 

My dinner. 

Day 8

We spent our second last day in Sydney to visit the famous Opera House in Circular Quay. The weather was great that day.

At a railway station.

Arrived at Circular Quay Railway Station.

Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Pretty view.


Got a decent panorama picture that I can actually post.

A selfie while spinning around.

Evening view.

We went back to the station to go to another place for dinner.

We decided to eat at Ajisen Ramen for dinner. Although the price for a bowl wasn't too bad, but the quality of it is bad. 

This one tasted funny.

A family photo. :-)

Day 9

Today was our last day in Sydney. I had to wake up early in the morning to catch our flight. I actually slept at 3 in the morning so I had only about 2 hours of sleep that night. Despite the lack of sleep throughout this trip, I had a great time in Sydney. I would love to travel to Sydney again.

Outside of the airport.

Navy blue + black EVERY SINGLE DAY.

So long, Sydney.

The omlette was delish.

I did not like the mushroom.


It's cracked. Oops.

Arrived at Changi Airport for transit. Got to chill for a few hours before going back to Saigon.

Snapchat filters, though.

I missed this so much.

I ate the exact same thing during my first flight to Saigon.

That's the end of my travel diary. Stay tuned for more posts soon. :-)

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